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Casements & Awnings

Best sealing

These two are considered one of the better sealing window styles- Reason being, the heavier the wind blows, the tighter the sash is pushed into its frame. 

Casements & awning windows crank open, giving you lots of air flow & light. These windows can be stacked, stand alone or used in so many different spaces. They give off the most curb appeal & are our most popular window products because they are so versatile!



Casements can crank open left to right. These windows can be used individually, with multiple units side by side, or stacked on top of one another.  


Fixed Casements

Fixed casements look exactly the same as the operating ones. The general purpose is for light! You'll also find fixed casements mixed with operating ones, in a single opening.



Awning windows are typically used over the kitchen since. The design makes it accessible when reaching over the counter. Instead of cranking left to right, it cranks up & down. 

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