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Bay & Bow Windows

Aluminum Supplier


These window styles are heavy. We always ensure that we have enough support. Sometimes the existing space is built to hold the product, if not we steel support underneath so it looks appealing, but is structurally sound.

Bays & bows add so much dimension & depth to the curb appeal of your home. These two window styles are very similar, but have a few differentiating details. Bays have 3 units & sharp angles. Bow windows have 4 or more panels & has a rounded front. These are both most popular with the end two units operating for air flow & ventilation. 

IMG_0011 2.JPG

Bay Windows

Bay windows always have 3 units, the angle of the window comes in 30 & 45 degrees, to make it wider or deeper. You can also get it as a walk in, or keep it with a seat.

IMG_0019 2.JPG

Bow Windows

Bow windows have 4 or more panels & you can customize how many. These windows don't give you a clear viewing space due to the separate panels.

IMG_0009 2.JPG

Hand Built Bays

When you have a pre existing, customized base, the window has to fit perfectly. We order each unit in separate & our crew pieces it together on site, making sure it is exact. 

Replacing Garden Windows

There used to be garden windows around, which are similar to bay windows but they are a box rather than angled. Unfortunately they are hard to come by now a days.

Sometimes your space may be too small for a bay but if you want the ledge/shelf feature, we have a solution! This is the pointed window. Take a look at this before & after to give you a better idea of what it looks like on the interior & the exterior.

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