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Basement Windows


escape route

It's good to have at least one door or oversized window in the basement as an escape route incase of a fire or emergency. Especially if you have a basement bedroom or living space.

Typically in your basement you have very small windows. The only purpose is to give a little bit of extra light & air flow! However, some of newer homes have basements that are still mainly above ground, giving you the ability to have larger windows.

IMG_0002 3.JPG


If you are looking to get some air flow in your basement, you can use the single or double slider, to give yourself light and some ventilation!



Some of the newer builds have large basement windows, that sit above ground - in this case you could use a casement window that cranks open. 



Most homes have very small basement windows. If you're only looking for added light, you can go for a fixed window.

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