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Sliding Windows - Single VS Double

There are 2 different styles of sliding windows - You have both horizontal & vertical! Each style is available in a single or double option, which is our main topic today!

Singles & doubles are generally the same in terms functionality. The main difference is how many units slide & the extra features that are available. You are probably thinking it doesn't matter, but trust us when we say it's the little things that make a HUGE difference!

We'll go through all of the details for each style below.

Single Hung / Slider

  • Only one unit slides vertically or horizontally.

  • Generally used on the main floor.

  • Operating unit tilts in (single hung) or lifts out for cleaning (single slider).

  • Fixed unit to be cleaned from the exterior.

  • Less airflow than a double.

Double Hung / Slider

  • Both units slide (vertically or horizontally).

  • Often used on upper levels.

  • Operating units both tilt in or lift out for cleaning. (No cleaning from the outside. SO convenient!!) This is the main reason people opt for doubles, especially on their upper level windows!

  • More airflow than a single (vents from both top & bottom / left & right)

  • Night latches available! This is an added feature that gives you a piece of mind when it comes to security... Especially with young kids! It's 2 small latches that only let the window to open a few inches. We'll do a tutorial on this at a later date.

  • Panels are heavy when in a large window size. When doing a tilt style, you must have both units tilted in at the same time for cleaning. Supporting 2 panels at once can get too heavy.

Singles VS doubles have many things that are similar such as how they are built, materials used & quality. These two styles have only a small price difference! Worth it to most, but if you are replacing an entire houseful at once, it does add up. In some areas of your home a single will work just fine & in others a double is much more convenient. Make sure to go over all of the details in terms of functionality when trying to choose a style!

We hope this helps differentiate between the two & makes your choice a little easier.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, future products & details!

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