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Comparing Quotes

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Today we're going to talk all about comparing quotes! This is one of the most important parts in the purchase process.

It's hard to know the reasoning behind a quote & its price point. When you have some that range from low too high, it can be confusing & misleading. Sometimes you have to ask, are you getting the exact same products & services from one company to another?

When you're looking at quotes, you want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples! If you aren't, your quote comparison can be inaccurate & effect your decision process. You want to be looking at two identical quotes, that are giving you the exact same options... Down to every single detail!

For example, sometimes we include fully painted, poplar trim (we are talking real, solid wood here) & some companies include MDF, or no paint at all. Those products are NOT the same & they do not cost the same.

An important detail is to see how the salesperson got to the final price... Some companies itemize their quotes, like us! Others do not. Let's take a look at a front door quote for example.

PWD Quote method

  • 3/4 Decorative glass door - $_______

  • Exterior Colour - $_______

  • New decorative grip set - $_______

  • Painted jamb pockets & trim - $_______

  • Grand total $_______

Other Quote method

  • 3/4 Decorative glass door fully finished - $_______

  • Grand total $_______

How can you compare those quotes, when you aren't even sure what you are getting in quote #2? Does it include a decorative grip set or just a standard passage & deadbolt? You would have no idea!

It is super important to ask & be sure of what you’re getting. When it comes down to it, price is a key deciding factor. Does the lowest price mean you’re getting an amazing deal? Does the highest price mean you’re getting top quality? We usually recommend getting 3 quotes. This gives you the opportunity to see the difference in each company, their products, installation & most importantly, their price!

We always want you to make an informed decision, so we hope this helped!

If you have any specific questions you'd like answered, please send us a message.

See you next time for some more PWD FAQ.

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