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Patio & Garden Doors

Image by Darren Richardson


The mini blind gives you privacy, blocks light & heat all in one handy feature. Available in almost every standard sized door. These function off of two little latches, controlled by a magnet making it super easy to use.

Patio doors are heavy duty, safe & secure. They give you lots of light & air flow. Completely customizable with grills, colour, the mini blind & extra safety features.


2 Panel

Two panel doors are the most popular. They are available in 5, 6 & even 8 ft! Those are standard sizes, but we can also order custom dimensions. You choose which unit you would like to operate. 

IMG_0003 3.JPG

3 & 4 Panel

3 panel doors have the 2 outside units fixed & the middle unit will operate from either the left or right. The 4 panel doors are similar, but with the 2 middle units operating, latching into one another.

IMG_0025 2.JPG

Garden Doors

A garden door gives you the look a French set, but the strength of a patio door. Typically one unit is fixed & the other swings open, plus it still has an operating screen for ventilation.

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