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Fibreglass Doors


curb appeal

Fibreglass doors give off more curb appeal because they have more detail in the panels. These are also normally stained, which attracts the eye!

Fibreglass doors are typically used for the hand stained look & they add so much character to a home, while still being safe & secure! Some customers want the fibreglass panel, but they do not want it stained, so there is a painted option as well! Fibreglass doors are a little better than steel, however you have to be careful of the sun, when you have a stained finish - The sun will eat away the urethane, so we recommend using these doors if you do not get all day sun or you have to be willing to refinish it every couple years.



Fibreglass hand stained gives you that wood door look. There are multiple stain colours available, as well as a few different woodgrain's to choose from.



Usually this is only done to get a certain door slab, since the panels are more detailed. You are able to choose any paint colour you'd like.




When choosing a fibreglass door with sidelites, you can either have the entire door & frame finished in fibreglass or just the slab. This will drastically change your pricing! 

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